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"Your EDD Appeal Can Be Handled Easily and Quickly,
But You Only Have 20 Days!"

You are not alone. The economy is supposed to be getting better but it sure doesn't feel like it.

work injury formWhether you're unemployed because of the economy or if you can't work because of a disability, Mr. Newman of The Buena Vista Law Group can help.

There is no reason to be intimidated by the procedures or paperwork involved in receiving or maintaining benefits.

First Level Appeals for EDD Unemployment and Disability Benefits Apply to you if you were:

  • Denied benefits for disability by the Employment Development Department (EDD)
  • Denied benefits for unemployment by EDD
  • Received a notice of overpayment

IMPORTANT: You only have 20 days to file your appeal. Not only can you appeal the decision, you also have a right to hearing before an administrative law judge employed by the CUIAB (California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board). This entity is not governed by EDD.

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Mr. Newman and The Buena Vista Law Group Provides the Following Services:

  • Preparation of your written appeal
  • Analysis and evaluation of the legal theories applicable to
  • your case
  • Evidence review and assistance in preparing your hearing testimony
  • Evaluation of potential witnesses for your hearing
  • Attendance and representation at your hearing, including questioning of you, your witnesses, and any opposing parties and witnesses

The Buena Vista Law Group is a general practice law firm and Mr. Newman is an attorney that helps people denied their benefits with the EDD appeal process. Mr. Newman's experience in this area of law can make a difference in the outcome of your appeal.

However, your EDD Appeal is time sensitive. Immediately after you're denied benefits or receive a notice of overpayment, contact Mr. Newman so he has adequate time to meet with you and prepare your written appeal.


Second Level Board Appeals Apply to You if Your First Appeal is Unsuccessful:

  • You have to file your second appeal within 20 days.
  • The second appeal is not a hearing. It is an appellate review by a panel of judges (the CUIAB Board).
  • The panel of judges will review the original record to determine if the original administrative law judge exercised an abuse of discretion in his decision based upon the facts and testimony presented during the original hearing.


The Buena Vista Law Group and Mr. Newman provide the following services:

  • Listen to the recording of your original hearing and review the record
  • Write a legal brief in support of the appeal
  • Determine what new evidence, if any, should and can be submitted

Immediately after receiving a negative decision from CUIAB, call the office where your appeal was held and request a free copy of your file and the CD of the hearing. Next, contact Mr. Newman immediately. Mr. Newman cannot prepare your second level appeal without these materials, and the appeal cannot be prepared overnight. You only have 20 days to appeal, and Mr. Newman needs your CD and file no later than one week prior to your deadline in order to help you.

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Writs of Mandate:

The final forum for appealing your EDD determination is by filing a writ of mandate in the appropriate Superior Court. Mr. Newman occasionally handles writs of mandate, depending on the case.

Call Mr. Newman for Your EDD Appeal Today


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