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An EDD Appeal and Your Attorney

If you’ve thought about contesting the EDD’s decision, you might consider getting an attorney. An attorney specializing in the EDD can help you through the process. They’ll be able to advise you if you have a case in the first place. Finally, an attorney will be able to represent you at the inevitable hearing should you choose to press forward. Knowing what a qualified EDD appeal attorney can do for you will help you make an informed choice about your claim.

First, an attorney specializing in EDD procedures will ferry you through the process without hiccups. Any bureaucracy can be rife with special rules that can be easily overlooked or even misunderstood. An attorney acting in your best interests will be able to navigate the system for you, telling you what’s important and what’s not. The circumstances of your case may be unique and require special answers, or you may find yourself in a situation that is actually quite common. Either way, a qualified attorney will be able to tell you what’s next.

Furthermore, an attorney will be able to advise you if you have enough cause to file an EDD appeal in the first place. Going through the trouble of researching and filing an unusable case will drain even the most persistent person. An attorney will save you time by cutting through the clutter and giving you the information that you need immediately:  Do you have a case?  Because the attorney has experience with the EDD, the attorney can tell you, usually right away, if you have a case and if it is strong. This saves you valuable time.

Finally, an attorney can stand by you and represent you in an EDD appeal. Exceptions, procedures, and other things that might trip you up should you appear alone become nothing to fear when your attorney is in tow. Your representation will talk to the judge for you, explain your case, and act as an advocate for a cause that you’ve both already vetted as worthy. With the advice and representation of an experienced attorney, your chances of success in an EDD hearing skyrocket.

Now that you know the potential that comes with having an attorney by your side, you’ll probably think about having one in a whole new light.  An EDD attorney is there to help you navigate the thorny process.  He’ll also be able to tell you if you have enough of a case before you do anything else.  Finally, you’ll have someone by your side as you stand at your hearing to tell your story. A good advocate working on your behalf is invaluable.

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One Response to An EDD Appeal and Your Attorney

  • James sarubbi:

    My appeal date is 3/18/13 my old employer has a fauls statement as to my payroll start date.

    In the appeal does he have to be there, I’m A fraed that he going to lie more
    As say more fauls stuff just to avoid having a UE claim.

    Do I have the right to see the case file before the hearing date just so I know to
    Hire an attorney or not

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